About Eva Öfors

I have found my own artistic expression through encounters with people, places in the world and thereby created my own memory bank. Among other things, this is where I get my inspiration.

I paint what I want, based on my feelings I get in the actual creation process. It comes intuitively. The composition of colour and shape, their harmony is what guides my painting. I compose and improvise as I paint. The different parts of the painting may change places, change color, many times before I'm done.

My painting is modern paired with a somewhat naive expression. My art has been given the epithet as harmonious, sensual, joyful, colourful, and sometimes spiritual (without being religious in any way).

My motifs often contain women in some form, which can perhaps be traced to my studies when I did research on domestic workers in Stockholm around the 20th century och domestic workers in Africa south of Sahara around the 1980s. All these women's shared experiences of work, children, opportunities and to express themself this I carry with me in my creative. Through social anthropology, I have come close to original, honest, effective art expressions.


  • Bachelor of Science. in economic history and social anthropology at Stockholm University
  • Art history at university
  • Studied Russian Orthodox icon painting, Maria Magdalena Church Stockholm
  • Tutorials by various technicians and artists
  • Worked together / with Russian artists in their studios in Stockholm
  • Worked as an art teacher in primary school
  • Easy art courses for children between the ages of 5 and 12 in my own studio for many years

Sources of inspiration

Meetings with other cultures / artists and their artistic expressions and ideas. Travel in Latin America, USA, Soviet Union, Eastern / Western Europe and Tashkent / Samarkand.
Art books, exhibitions, museums with different art forms. I have lived abroad in various places including London, New York, Boston and Tashkent.

  • Strong sun / Strong colors = Inca Indians in Peru and Ecuador
  • Turquoise mosaic = Samarkand Bibi-Khanyam Mosque
  • Red and gold = Russian painting
  • Details = Persian miniatures
  • Religious Elements = Icon Painting and Jewish Painting


  • Exhibitions with other artists in their studios in Stockholm
  • Exhibitions in my own studio, myself and with others
  • Saltsjögården, (Academy of Music) Saltö 1991, 1993, 1994
  • Art gallery, Börringe, Smedja, Börringe 2003
  • Art gallery, Klockaregården, 2004 and 2005
  • Art gallery T, Old town Stockholm 2009
  • Art gallery Svea, Köpmannagatan i Old town Stockholm 2021
  • Art portable showroom, vernissage 13 December 2021, Stockholm
  • Art gallery Rossocinabro, Rome Italy. March to June 2022
  • Art gallery CAC Mijas, Malaga Spain June 2022

Upcoming exhibitions

  • Art Gallery Riddaren Old town Stockgolm 3 - 8 december 2022
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